Go For Growth


Grow or die is a challenge facing businesses in Germany, and throughout the world. The past ten years have been a time of painful restructuring, cost-cutting and internal improvement for many organizations. The decade ahead, though, offers many exciting possibilities for positive movement, for growth.

The rules for successful growth have changed since the era of Erhard and Adenauer. Growth still implies forward motion, the achievement of a preset vision. But it does not always result in an organization getting bigger. The world economy is much more inter linked than ever before. Companies that once grew by exporting products are now also sending jobs away. But the real issue for many businesses is not to minimize the number of people involved in making a product, but the maximize each person's contribution to the value the enterprise provides.

Business consultant and author Robert Tomasko will discuss these ideas, as described in his new book, Go For Growth, at the Zukunftstag. He will use examples from his research and consulting in companies worldwide. His ideas apply the theories of organizational learning and complexity science to the problem of achieving and sustaining business growth.

Mr. Tomasko does not believe any single approach to growth is best for every business, so he will describe five alternatives and indicate when each is most useful. He calls these paths to growth, all of which are followed by German companies, those of the Rule Breaker, Game Player, Rule Maker, Specialist and Improviser.




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