What have audiences and meeting planners said about Bob Tomasko?


Air Products and Chemicals

"Your comments and observations were very thoughtful. You covered such a broad range of issues, that everyone seemed to lift his own 'nugget of wisdom' out of your remarks. They provided excellent perspective and stimulation for our subsequent discussions - exactly what we were looking for."

- Thomas Hall, Vice President Corporate Planning


Bell Atlantic

"A lot of management gurus invoke the language of 'empowerment,' 'teamwork,' and 'reengineering.' Robert Tomasko is one of the few who actually know what those words mean."

- Raymond Smith, Chief Executive


Bell Atlantic

"Your session received the highest ratings of any at our customer conference!"

- Sallie Reese, Business Marketing Manager


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

"You were a major contributor to our meeting. Know that because of you we are better able to operate in, as you would expect, a difficult market. You have helped us grow."

- Rogers Coleman, MD, President


Forging Industry Association

"Your talk at our recent Annual Meeting captured and held the audience's interest from beginning to end."

- Sally Kiefer, Executive Director


First Chicago Bank

"Your talk was a super-success!!!! You obviously hit a real response chord among a large segment of the audience. Our customers in attendance found your remarks stimulating and thought-provoking."

- Patricia Barr, Vice President


Deloitte & Touche

"Your speech was a big hit at our Annual Partner Conference."

- Katie Weiser, Meeting planner


International Strategic Management Conference

"You were one of the top-rated speakers in the delegates' conference evaluations."

- David Deardorff, Planning Forum


Mental Health Corporations of America

"Once again you were a most welcome and well received keynoter. Your presentation received an excellent response from our members - on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 representing a perfect rating, your presentation received a 4.57. Comments included:

· Provocative, helpful information
· Dynamic, highly relevant
· Good use of humor
· Entertaining and informative"

- Donald Hevey, Chief Executive


Ralston Purina

"Organizational structural dynamics is one of the high arts of management and Bob Tomasko is today's high priest of the art."

- William Stiritz
Chief Executive


US Department of the Treasury

"Mr. Tomasko has a very engaging style, and makes very effective use of audio-visual aids, handouts and case studies. He covered an enormous amount of material in the allotted three hours. Comments from participants included:

· An excellent speaker, good sense of humor.
· Excellent program. Practical and thought-provoking.
· Mr. Tomasko was very knowledgeable, easily understandable.
· Very good balance between theory and case examples. Easy to understand and follow.
· Excellent program - could have been a full day.
· Excellent speaker - held my interest.
· Injected some tongue-in-cheek humor, good examples of real life experiences.
· Speaker knew his subject, and imparted his knowledge in an interesting and orderly way.
· Knowledgeable and entertaining presenter - good use of examples and humor.
· Excellent program - can't think of how it could be improved.
· Extremely interesting and on-the-mark speaker."

- James Pugh, Executive Program Officer


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